We love cars, that’s why we are here

Geneva Cars can help you to find your next car or to sell your car. We list a special of new and used cars for sale from trusted sources, so you can be confident of finding the right car for your needs, or to sell your car with the best price.

Story behind Geneva Cars

Geneva cars, has started from a dream in front of a toys' shop into a showroom in the centre of Geneva city.

I used to watch the exhibited cars with full attention, and passion to have them all in my own collections. My curiosity didn't stop there, hence I start to decompose the cars part after part until I reach the steering wheel. Touching it with my two hands, I feel closer to my dream, and the drive starts.

My passion towards cars didn't end there, it just got larger and larger until it reached the stage where I used to sit at the corner of the street watching all the passing cars, memorizing their names and then I close my eyes to hear the voice of the engine and guess which car it was.


Social and business entrepreneur, result oriented professional with 15 years of experience in business management, his a positive and neutral impact on the environment, his goal is to shift the automobile business, and focus on selling environmental friendly cars.

Management / university of Cambridge
Business administration / EU business school
Corporate social responsibility / university of Geneva

Our responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is a very significant priority for our businesses. Thus, we set our goal to shift the automobile business, and focus on selling environmental friendly cars.

Considering our business ethics is another priority. Thus we aim at followed by environmental stewardship on energy efficiency, reductions and waste reduction. A third most important priority are clients rights and employment transparency.


We value the personal relationships we develop with our clients and take pride in delivering a professional and efficient service.


Car lovers and VIP’s


Local, international companies and organizations


Import / export special cars

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